Between folds and shadows
Installation - Westwerk, Hambourg in collaboration with Anna Lena Grau/ 2008

This multimedia installation, which examines the phenomenology of the fold. The fold is a very complex inside-outside form describing transitory zones, whose particular potential is transformation: through processes of implication and complication.The basic structure of the exhibition was made through an illusionistic graphic ribbon, which was taped on the floor.
The s-formed ribbon represented a diagram of Gilles Deleuzes Book „The fold. Leibnitz and the baroque“ and twined itself around two columns. They were like two poles in the exhibition space. Thus, the exhibited works were associated with each other through a spiral movement. On the edges of the columns, several oval-shaped shelves were fixed. This transformed the rectilineal columns into spirals in space. The shelves, on which different sculptural works were presented, also served as a point from where videos were projected.